10 Minor Changes We Need To Make This Year To Be a Better Versions Of Ourselves

We have to admit that our lives have become extremely fast paced and sometimes in between things we feel the need to slow down and be less stressed about life. It’s time we start living healthy and it’s not just about eating right but also incorporating a few things in your daily routine that will help your mental health, keep you grounded and keep you away from the sudden breakdowns!

  1. Start your day by being grateful for what you have

Wake up with a smile no matter how hard the day is anticipated to be. Sometimes it’s difficult to be grateful for things but try to think of at least one thing you are happy about that is a part of your life.


  1. Watch out for negative thinking

Try to be optimistic all the time and keep the negative thoughts at bay. Turn those ‘what ifs’ to ‘so whats’ and face them as tiny challenges thrown at you by life.


  1. Set up a routine and stick to it


Sometimes we don’t have a routine so we fall off the wagon and end up being sad and gloomy all the time. Setting up small goals everyday will help us look forward to the day with a different motive and motivate us to achieve them every day.


  1. Exercise

Cannot emphasize on this enough but exercise for atleast 15 minutes every day even if it’s a brisk walk in your own home or a complete session at a gym exercise!! You will notice a difference in yourself in just a few days not physically but mentally! You will feel lighter and happier than before.


  1. Try to spend more time in nature

Spend at least a few minutes in nature. Take a walk in the park or have evening tea in your own lawn to clear your mind and feel fresh.


  1. Challenge yourself

If you feel like you are losing perspective or meaning of your life then challenge yourself. Challenges help you build focus and give you a direction in life. Pushing your limits will help you understand how far you can go in life.


  1. Spend time with Family and Friends

Spending time with people you love and care about should be a must for everyone its not just good for you but you will be making a difference in someone’s else’s life too by being there for them.


  1. Cut off from toxic people in your life

Surround yourself with people who genuinely love you and care about you.  Cut off from people who constantly make you sad and feel bad about yourself. No matter how old of a friend they are or how close of a relative they are if they have nothing good to say or make you feel good about yourself then they have no part in your life than to be away from you! Put yourself first!


  1. Be kind

We never know what someone else is going through in life we should always aim to be kind to others no matter how tough our day has been. Start with simple things like saying hello with a smile, or saying thank you to someone.


  1. Laugh out loud

Laugh as much as you can because life is short and laughter is contagious! When you laugh you send out happy vibes and make other feel light and happy too.

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