5 Ways our Breasts Change During the Month

Believe it or not our breasts are constantly changing and this change is so frequent many feel a difference on a daily basis. Around 90% of the women say they notice a change in their body along the cycle, however every woman’s experience is different the other. Some feel that their bodies swell while some feel that their bodies shrink. Whatever the change is it is certainly unpleasant and frustrating to keep a track of the regular shift in sizes.

If you feel like your size is always changing then you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you! It’s our body’s hormones that cause this. The change occurs as our hormonal levels increase or decrease some women feel this only during their period while others feel it throughout the cycle. The shift in hormonal balance not only makes your body appear different but also causes breakouts, acne, nausea, fatigue, bloating  and mood swings.

It’s important for everyone to keep a close check on their cycle and to observe their cycle for two or three months if you feel that there are significant inconsistencies then it’s important that you pay a visit to your doctor.

Like I said before everyone has difference experience with their body but here are a few changes that almost everyone experiences throughout their cycle.

  1. They Are Lumpy:

At the start of your cycle (When your Period starts) you may feel that your breasts are lumpy or there are around your breasts or underarms. They may feel bigger or bumpy it is because the milk glands expand for possible pregnancy however this is not permanent after three days of your periods you may notice the swelling go down. Some Women feel this at the end of their cycle and that’s normal.

  1. They are softer and smaller:

Towards the end of your cycle your breasts may appear smaller that’s because the swelling goes away during the end and the body goes back to the normal size.  The breasts are smallest at this time because the hormones estrogen and progesterone are the lowest. Some doctors suggest that this is the depiction of your true size because your body is not pumped up with hormones.

  1. They are Perky

Around day 12 of your cycle the estrogen level of your body starts to rise and your breasts become perkier. Estrogen improves skin elasticity so your breasts get a natural lift.

  1. Full and Firm

Around Day 15 of your cycle your breasts are at their fullest size. This is the time when your breasts appear larger than normal. At this time Progesterone is peaking making your breasts larger and denser.

  1. They are Asymmetrical

During the premenstrual week your breasts appear to be less symmetrical because estrogen is low during the week. If your left breast looks uneven all of a sudden then don’t worry it will all be normal once your period arrives in a week.


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