5 Ways Your Bra Is Making You Sick

As we have said before research suggests that 80% of the women around the world are wearing a wrong bra size. As it is one of the most common problems that almost every woman faces it’s important to get your size checked each time before buying a new bra.

  1. Sagging of Breasts

Wear a wrong bra size can make your breasts saggy. If your bra band is too loose and it moves around then it’s not supporting your breasts at all and can make them saggy with time. The band of the bra should lie flat and should be parallel on the back if your band rides up or moves around then it’s time to get a new bra with a proper fitting.

  1. Irritated skin

If the bra band is too tight or the cups are too small then it can irritate the skin and cause chaffing. Tight bras cause skin damage and irritation that can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. The bra should not be too tight it should be comfortable and easy to breathe in.

  1. Sore neck

People with bigger breasts should always get their size checked and buy a proper fitting bra because if your bra doesn’t support your breasts then it can cause a lot of strain on your neck making it sore and stiff.



  1. Headaches

If your bra is uncomfortable it can cause headaches. If the bra is not well supported then your back and neck muscles work extra hard to support the breasts causing tension in the upper body which leads to headaches. Your bra should be well supported and fit perfectly to prevent headaches.



  1. Stiff Back

If your bra is too tight it can cause your back to stiffen due to low blood circulation. Our back is structured to move bend and rotate and a tight bra restricts back movement. Stiff back can be extremely dangerous and harmful for your physical health.



It’s very important to wear the right bra and take care of the health of your breasts. Wearing a wrong sized bra doesn’t only affect the health of breasts but general health too which can lead to other severe problems so save the pain for tomorrow and buy a right sized bra and there is no harm in getting your sized check before each purchase!



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