A Heart to Heart with My Bra

Don’t we all have a love and hate relationship with our bras? We can’t live without them yet we always complain about how we want to go braless and how uncomfortable they are and how unfair it is that women always have to wear a bra and the list goes on and on. Our clients are our utmost priority and we love to hear from them, but this time we thought we would listen to our bras which have provided support and comfort to us all our lives.

We decided to have a heart to heart with our bras and hear what they have to say. We wouldn’t be surprised if they lashed out on us for all the mean things we said to them especially during quarantine when most of us forgot about the concept of wearing bras and pants. Most of us just can’t wait to go back to our pre-covid lives of hanging out with our friends, eating out, meeting our colleagues in the office however the one thing we’re really not excited about is wearing that underrated piece of garment again. So here’s our conversation with our bras:

Unhappy women: Bras are such a pain. I hate wearing them

The Sassy Bra: Ouch! We bet you can’t walk out without wearing one. And if it rains, good luck to you! Now that we have reminded you how important we are to you; can we also have some love and compassion for being your companion for every stage of your life?

Unhappy women: Bras can never be comfortable

The Sassy Bra: Can you stop blaming us for once? Trust us when we say this woman. If we seem to be digging in your skin or riding up from your back, you must be wearing the wrong size. How about we ask you when the last time you got measured was.

Unhappy women: Undergarments are so over priced and so not worth it

The Sassy Bras: Oh no! We are so hurt considering how much you happily spend on your clothes, bags, shoes and everything and don’t find us worth spending money on. We last long and we support you day in and day out. You literally cling to us every other day without giving us a break and we didn’t even complain once.

Unhappy women: You don’t even last me 6 months.

The Sassy Bra: It’s called hand washing! We promise we are not high maintenance. If we have those beautiful wires to uplift you, we also deserve some bathing and soaking in soapy water. That’s all we ask for. And we have a life too. We expire and we get old just like all your other things. If its time to say goodbye to us, we would love a nice farewell.

Unhappy women: You give me rashes

The Sassy Bra: Ahh seems like you might be hooking me on too tight.

Unhappy women: The feeling when you reach home and unhook that bra and sense that feeling of freedom like someone set you free is unmatched

The Sassy Bra: Oh no we apologize! But how about those feelings you got when you put us on and suddenly felt uplifted? Do you remember when we made you feel more glamorous for your night out?

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