A little something about IFG and the product range

Maliha Bhimjee has been working in family business IFG in Marketing and Retailing for the last 33 years. We invited Maliha Bhimjee for one of our live session to talk a little bit about our company and product range.

Undergarments are known as Foundation garments because they form the basis of dressing. If you wear well fitted Foundation garments, they will enhance the figure and make your outer garments appear better. It is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes.

IFG International Foundation and garments was set up in 1971 in collaboration with a German company to manufacture undergarments for the local market and for export. IFG will complete 50 years in Pakistan next year. It is the oldest and largest manufacturer of women’s undergarments in Pakistan suited to Pakistani climate and figures. We are proud to say that our factory has 600 workers of which 400 are women.

Undergarments by IFG are made from imported patterns and accessories using the best cotton and polyester fabrics as well as lace. These undergarments conform to International standards of sizing, styling, quality comfort and fit and are sold under the IFG label at our own Intimate fashions and Triumph stores as well as through 1200 plus retailers all over Pakistan. These undergarments are extremely affordable and are available in sizes 30-46 and cups A-E.

IFG offers a wide range of bras, briefs, nightwear including pajama suits, camisoles and chemises. Bras by IFG can be categorized into various segments like Teens, Trend, Basic, Comfort, X over and Fashion styles. Teens range features beginners cotton crop tops with spandex to support the growing figure. This range is for girls before they are ready for the first bra. IFG offers several beginners bras like Classic Deluxe Soft, Amoreena, Amoreena cotton in cups A and B for young figures. We also have the Trend range for young women featuring Padded and Non-padded trendy bras for everyday wear. Our basic range features Basic Deluxe our most affordable bra and Classic both in woven cotton. A best seller is Corina cotton fashioned from knitted cotton in a crossover style in B and C cups.

The X over range offers popular cross over styles in lace, and cotton with embroidery. It’s also available as a padded style. Our most popular range is the comfort range which features woven cotton styles Comfort 15 and Comfort 12EN; both these styles are suitable for fuller figures and offer comfort and support. Sizes go from 32- 46 with cups sizes B-E. These bras are extremely popular and suitable for heavy figures and in fact are also bought by Pakistani women living in the Middle East Europe and America.

Our fashion range offers beautiful delicate lacy styles suitable for weddings, brides as well as for special occasions. Karisma N, Mystique, Oriental look and the Luxury range that offers padded and non-padded styles. Vision, the polyester lace n Lycra style offers excellent support and comfort to the fuller figure. It is available in sizes 32-46 CDE cups.

Most of these styles are available from Rs 380 up to Rs 1000/- which make them extremely affordable. IFG offers a wide variety of briefs in cotton and polyester in different cuts. We make hipsters, boxers and high cut styles and bikini briefs too. IFG offers control briefs which are very popular and printed 5 packs are equally popular IFG also offers camisoles, chemises, nighties and pajama suits.

When we talk about sizing, it’s interesting to note that 7 out of 10 women the world over wears the wrong size. In our retail culture too, your size is usually determined by guesswork or trial and error. Here is how you can find your correct size. First measure the under bust which will determine bra size and the second step is to measure the fullest part of the bust. The difference between fullest part and under bust will give you cup size. If you visit any of our stores or a department store with IFG products, our sales staff or brand ambassadors will always measure for your size. You can always measure yourself at home with our bra calculator.

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