Benefits of Wearing an Underwire Bra

When was the last time you got into a debate about under-wired bras being better than non-wired bras or vice versa? We like to admit we all have been part of these debates at some points in our lives and these debates are endless. While both the bras have their own charm, it is primarily a matter of preference. However under-wired bras come with a lot of misconceptions and criticism which we would like to address since they deserve as much love and kindness as your other intimates.

If it is under-wired, it has to be uncomfortable. The wire will dig into me and hurt. No! They won’t. If you feel uneasy and the wires pinch and poke you, you are probably wearing the wrong size and need to get yourself measured again. Time and again, we keep emphasizing the importance of getting measured and wearing the correct size as your size changes.

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Let’s begin with understanding what wired bras are and how they can help and support you. In underwired bras, there is a rigid piece of wire sewn under the cup of the bra. Underwire bras provide great support especially for women with bigger sized breasts. Additionally, they provide better lift and shape.

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One of the common myths attached to underwired bras is that it may increase the chance of cancer. As for the link between breast cancer and bra wear, there is no scientific evidence to support the myth that wearing a bra poses a higher risk for cancer. However, there are other health concerns that may be attached to wearing bras like back pain or a bad posture and those are primarily due to wearing the wrong size and that is why we can’t stress enough on getting yourself measured every time.

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Now that we are all on the same page that wired bras are not bad for our health, we can move on to addressing some of the issues that you may be facing if you are a wired bra person. Some women complain about the wires popping out. We can assure you about the quality of our wired bras that this would never happen until and unless it’s time to say goodbye to that bra. When the wire starts popping out, it’s a reminder that it is time to dispose of that bra. They too come with an expiry date after all! As far as increasing the life of the bra is concerned, we always emphasize on hand washing them. We recommend giving that extra love and care to your wired bras and see if they last longer than before. If your wired bra is giving you a skin rash, then you probably hooked the bra too tight. Give your breast some breathing space and don’t wear them for long hours. At the end of the day, no matter how good quality it is, it may start to hurt you if you wear it for really long hours or sleep in them. Check out our amazing collection of wired bras in great styles, fabric and colors here.

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If you are still not convinced on a regular wired bra, we still have something extra special for you. It’s called a Magic Wire bra. Do you want to know what the magic is all about? Magic wire is a revolutionary padded bra with flexible silicon supports which are sewn into the bra pad instead of metal wire, which give the same support as wire without the discomfort. You can now wear this longer without having to worry about the comfort. You can check out one of our gorgeous magic wire bras here.

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Shop from our wired bra range and get the support and lift you have been looking for.  We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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