Bra Expiration Date

Like many things your bra also has an expiration date and it’s advised you throw that bra out as soon as it hits that date! Many women wear bras that are too old and have no idea that they need to throw them out. There is no definite answer to how long bras really last? There are quite a few factors that cause bras to wear out. It may depend on the style, type, bra fit and brand of bra.

Some bras may last longer than the rest. Bras that are fancy and delicate may have a shorter life span than regular bras. A normal bra life is six to eight months it won’t last for years. But if you feel like your bra loses it fitting more frequently here are a few signs that indicate that the bra needs to go:

  • When you wear the bra on the tightest hook and it rides up or moves around.
  • When the elastic is extremely stretched out.
  • When your body has changed or the size has changed.
  • When wire rips through or pokes through the bras.
  • When your band doesn’t support your bust anymore.
  • When molded cups have lost their shape.


How to make your bras last longer:

  • Washing:

Washing and drying your bras in the machine will kill your bras. Using a harsh soap may also affect the fabric and elastic of the bra. The best way to wash your bras is to hand wash them using a normal or mild detergent.

  • Rotation:

Have 3 to 4 bras to rotate for regular wear. Wearing the same bra everyday will make it lose its fit faster. If you have a go to bra buy two or three of the same just so you don’t have to reach out for it every day. Having more bras in rotation will help each to maintain its fit and will last longer than before.

  • Quality Purchases:

Invest in quality bras! Good quality bra doesn’t just mean the fabric of the bra should be good but also how well it fits. Investing in good quality bra will ensure that it lasts longer than the cheap ones and doesn’t lose its fit.

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