Bra Myth

We went into the market and heard your complaints and concerns so we came with some solutions and clarity for you. With the rising cancer rate all around the globe awareness is very essential but so is clearing up certain misconceptions.

Bra Myth: Black Bras Cause Cancer

As it has been scientifically proven that cancer is not necessarily inherited or comes from the family similarly the research conducted by breast cancer organization UK states denies the theory that black bras cause cancer or any color bras for that matter.

Breast cancer is the type of cancer that forms in the cells of breasts and can occur both in men and women.


 What causes breast cancer?

Breast cancer occurs when the cells start dividing more rapidly than normal rate and accumulate to form lumps or mass around the breast and spread through the breast around the lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

As there are a lot of risk factors for cancer it’s better to take precautions and get regular checkups done so that it can be diagnosed and cured at earliest stage. Apart from that there are a few minor changes you can do in your routine to help live a healthy life

Take care of your personal hygiene. Wash your bras regularly especially during summers it’s always better to wear fresh and clean clothes everyday so lingerie comes with that.


  • Exercise! Obesity increases the risks of breast cancer so exercise daily at least 20 minutes every day.

  • Eat healthy. Try to incorporate a lot of greens in your diet. Eating healthy will not only help you prevent cancer but has other health benefits too.

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