Breast Hygiene Tips

Global Climate change is real and we all are being affected by it not to mention the unbearable waves of heat we are struck with every other week that has made our lives miserable. To top it off what we as women hate the most is wearing bras in this heat no matter how hard we try we can’t go a day without wearing it. It is important to stay cool and hydrated but it’s also important to take care of our general hygiene especially as a woman; here are a few things we all women face in this heat and a few tips to keep your boob hygiene in check.


No matter which bra we wear even if its light as a feather there is a point during the day where our boobs start to sweat be it in or out of the house we start feeling hot and we just can’t wait to take that bra off. Pat a little baby powder after shower before putting on that bra to prevent the boobs from sweating.

Irritation or Itchiness

The skin around the breasts gets irritated if the boobs sweat a lot. If the bra is too tight it can cause red itchy patches that are a serious discomfort. The best way to avoid irritation and itchiness is to wear a freshly washed bra everyday that is not too tight on you.




Our body has a layer of dead skin cells all over which means the breasts are no exception. Exfoliating the body every other day helps keep the skin fresh and healthy and prevents peeling of skin and breakouts.

Dryness or Cracking

Sometimes if we expose our skin to too much water it starts drying or cracking. The skin around the nipples starts cracking due to dryness if we wash or expose it to too much water. The key is to keep a healthy balance of hydrating and moisturizing your body. Gently moisturize your skin with a drop of baby oil or almond oil after bath while skin is a little wet it helps absorb the oil.


Your chest is one of the most common areas to get acne. It is important to shower or wash your breasts after an intense activity that exerts a lot of sweat like exercising or running or just being out during the day in this heat.  Sweat clogs the pores so it’s important to shower and keep the body clean to prevent breakouts or acne.




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