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Celebrate Eid Responsibly During Corona

With Eid approaching during these difficult times when are in middle of a pandemic, we definitely need to be more responsible. We can’t change everything that is happening around us but what we can do is play our part in preventing and containment of the virus. Shop online instead of visiting markets We understand this dragged longer than most of us imagined. We are almost running into August with .

5 Summer smoothie recipes you shouldn’t miss out on

The heat is killing all of us. Everyone is looking for ways to blend flavor and good nutrition and get relief from the scorching heat. The delicious taste of smoothies and the health benefits make it an awesome summer treat for your mind and body. This blog will focus on some benefits of smoothies followed by some recipes. Health Benefits of smoothies Prevents Dehydration: Having smoothies in breakfast is .

Summer Skin Care Tips

Our skin is one of the largest organs our body has and it works very hard to protect us from harmful elements. Taking care of our skin is important and something most of us struggle with in our daily lives. We invited Dermatologist and Laser specialist Dr Asma to share some skin-care tips for summers. Acne and Pimples When we talk about skin care, acne and pimples is one .
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