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Cotton Vs Synthetic Bras?

Fabric and material matter the most when buying a bra, doesn’t it? We as a bra manufacturer invest a lot of our time, effort and resources finding the perfect fabric which does not only fit well but also provides ultimate comfort and support. There has been a huge evolution in lingerie when it comes to fabric. In older times, women only had cotton, silk and linen to choose from .

Best Selling Padded Bras

There are many reasons why women should wear a padded bra. A padded bra has cups that contains padding. The padding can either be permanently sewn in the cups or can be in form of removable pads. One of the main reasons is that it enhances your bust line and make your bust look fuller or larger. Padded bras cover your nipples sufficiently so you don’t have to worry .

A little something about IFG and the product range

Maliha Bhimjee has been working in family business IFG in Marketing and Retailing for the last 33 years. We invited Maliha Bhimjee for one of our live session to talk a little bit about our company and product range. Undergarments are known as Foundation garments because they form the basis of dressing. If you wear well fitted Foundation garments, they will enhance the figure and make your outer garments .

Benefits of Wearing an Underwire Bra

When was the last time you got into a debate about under-wired bras being better than non-wired bras or vice versa? We like to admit we all have been part of these debates at some points in our lives and these debates are endless. While both the bras have their own charm, it is primarily a matter of preference. However under-wired bras come with a lot of misconceptions and .
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