Combat the Heat in these Bras

The deeper we dive into summer the hotter its getting. With the temperature rising everyday its important to take care of ourselves.

As important it is to keep yourself hydrated it’s also important to wear light breathable clothes to keep your body cool that means we need to wear light undergarments to keep our bodies cool in this heat.

Here are our favorite cotton bras that will keep you cool all summer.

  1. Corina Cotton

Corina Cotton is super comfortable and light as the fabric of this bra is made of 100% cotton that makes it ideal for these summers. If you are looking for a light comfortable bra to combat this heat then look no more because we just found the one for you.


  1. X-Over Cotton

X-Over cotton is one of the simple and elegant bras made with extremely light and breathable fabric which can be worn anytime be it the day or night it is best for these summers.


  1. Amoreena Cotton


If you just can’t tolerate heat at all then Amoreena Cotton is for you. Made of light, soft fabric making it one of the best picks for hot summers when you just cant bear the heat at all.

  1. Comfort 15


If you are student or a working woman looking for a perfect look but want to stay cool during the summers then our advice is that you go with Comfort 15. Comfort 15 is one of our best buys and what women swear by.

  1. Classic Deluxe Soft

Another one of our 100% cotton bra that is extremely comfortable and ideal for these hot days if you are looking for something comfortable and light to wear during the day or to sleep in then this is the bra we choose for you.


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