Embrace the Change

As we age our body goes through various changes. It is important to take care of our body and keep our health in check. Compared to other parts of the body our breasts are most frequent to change. Here are a few common changes your breasts go through with time.

  • Swelling:

By the time we enter our 20’s our breasts are fully developed and that’s the most that they are going to grow however they may temporarily swell. Temporary swelling can be due to hormonal changes or change in body weight. Swelling due to hormonal changes is one of the most common problems that almost every woman goes through. You may notice your breasts have swollen before, during or after your period. Swelling due to weight gain can be reduced through exercises and workout.


  • Shape:

The breast shape may change during pregnancy or due to extreme weight gain or loss. However, these changes can be temporary if you take care of your body and eat right and exercise regularly. If the shape of the breasts change other than these reasons then it’s important to get them checked by the doctor.


  • Skin Darkening:

The color of nipples may change due to hormonal changes in the body. Some doctors believe that it’s a first sign of pregnancy when the color of nipples darkens when others argue its due to change in the hormones and some people may experience the difference even when they are not pregnant. The color lightens as the hormonal balance is back to normal or after pregnancy.


  • Sensitivity:

As we near menopause our cycles become shorter and we get our periods earlier due to change in hormones the breast tissues get extra sensitive and tender.


  • Prone to cancer:

As you age you get more prone to cancer. It’s better to get regular checkups done and eat healthy.


You can’t stop ageing but you can slow it down by taking good care of yourself from a very early age. Some doctors suggest that women should start taking care of their body and skin as soon as they reach the age of 25. So ladies its time to start taking care of yourself so that you age gracefully and happily!

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