Ever Since the First Time



Dear IFG,

I am a 24 year old girl from Karachi and I have been your customer ever since I was twelve. I come from a family of women who swear by your brand and would never let their girls stray. Following the legacy my mother also dragged me straight to Intimate Fashions Bahadurabad. I can positively say that that was one of the most interesting experiences of my life; of course I didn’t find it interesting back then but as the years have taught me I feel have started feeling differently.

The day is still so clear in my head I don’t know if it’s because I thought I will be scarred by it for life or now I relive and laugh realizing how overly dramatic we can be as children.  Stepping into the store was a real struggle as an almost teen I felt my integrity to be on the line with thoughts running wild through my head how will I face the embarrassment of running into a friend or a relative how will we walk out of the store.

Growing up you never see a women only shop or a store, a place run by women and exclusive to women, our exposure to such places is limited to parlors, ladies washrooms and prayer areas. It was such a change of custom to be in a shop that was exclusively for women and was run by women. While trying to hide behind my mom I tried to digest everything that was happening. A lady approached us and my mom asked her in a hush tone for a bra for me. It’s ridiculous how we talk in hush tones about a bra or intimate apparel in a women only space as well!

After showing us a few options that felt like a million at that time we ended up buying a training bra. What I find most ironic is that even though I felt my integrity crumbled to the ground that day I kept going to the same shop with my mom and I still continue to go. It is because of the level of comfort and trust you find with a brand that makes you keep coming back and I was able to find that with your brand at your stores.

IFG has been with me and my journey through womanhood and like everyone else in my family I too now swear by it!

With love,

Your Happy Customer   

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