Five Simple Changes We Need to Make For Ourselves

8th march is a global day to celebrate women’s day all across the world. This women’s day let’s put down the things that we want to change for ourselves.

We want Safer Public Spaces

Feeling safe all the time is our right and we shouldn’t feel threatened to go out because no one likes getting harassed.

We stop blaming the Victim

Let’s put an end to blaming the victim and doubting them. No one voluntarily wants something horrible happening to them let’s start listening to their stories and stand with them.

We Prioritize Ourselves.

Let’s start by putting ourselves first before everyone else and start taking care of ourselves first because if we aren’t able to take care of ourselves we can’t really help anyone else either.

We Start Saying No

How many times have we ended up doing things for others that we didn’t want to do? We need to make it a practice that if we feel that it’s not right or we simply cannot do it then we need to say No without feeling guilty about it.

Start Loving Ourselves

Lastly we need to start loving ourselves, we love learn to love all our imperfections, flaws and understand faults and be kind to ourselves first because if we are working for a change we need to work through ourselves.

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