Going Wedding Lingerie Shopping

Wedding season is on its roll and it’s all about shopping and getting everything right for your big day. From the dresses to jewelry, from shoes to makeup and mehendi, even to your lingerie everything needs to be perfect so you can have the day you have always dreamt of.


Going lingerie shopping can be a hassle especially when your mom insists on tagging along.

Normally one can survive this but it can get extremely traumatizing when it comes to picking out lingerie for your wedding. But don’t worry we figured out a few things that you can do to avoid it all!

Take a friend along

Asking your best friend to tag along can be your best bet if you want to avoid those awkward encounters. Take someone along who you are comfortable with.

Choose your style

Lingerie can get confusing when you have so many to choose from. It’s better to know your style and color. Pick out lingerie that not just looks great but feels comfortable too.


Be Experimental!

It’s okay to be a bit experimental with your taste and style push yourself out of your comfort zone and get something very flashy and sexy. It’s all about making the day special.

Last but not the least!

Online Shopping!

Shop online from the comfort of your home to avoid the judgmental looks and disapprovals from your mother!


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