How To Make the Wedding Even More Memorable For The Bride

Weddings are super exhausting and I believe we underestimate the level of stress a bride goes through.  Wrapped up around the wedding season again someone close to you must be getting married let it be your best friend or your sister or a cousin. If that’s the case then here are a few things that you can do to make her wedding even more special:

  1. Skip the drama

This goes without saying that the wedding is hers not yours it’s your job to make it as special for her as you can. It’s the little gestures that go a long way. We all know how over whelming weddings can be so even if she is being a little unreasonable just keep reminding yourself she is under insane amount of pressure and all you need to do is skip the drama and make it easier for her.

  1. Be Interested

The planning for the weddings start years before the actual wedding happens and it may seem like a drag and the constant discussion topic but its okay be interested in the planning and discussions. Encourage her to share the load and be there to give your input or to lend a hand whenever she needs it.

  1. Be the Shopping Companion

The wedding shopping goes on till the last minute, be the perfect shopping companion and accompany the bride to be to her shopping hauls. Its one of the great ways to spend time together before you send her off so why not make the most of it!

  1. Be her ride or die

Like I said before weddings can be extremely overwhelming and stressful be her ride or die by helping her escape the madness and skip the drama that stirs around, that’s like the last thing she should be worried about.

  1. Keep Everything in Line

It’s her wedding she shouldn’t be fretting about the relatives who are feeling neglected or being impossible. Be the voice of the reason and set them straight. This is one of the most underrated things if they can’t understand the level of stress and pressure it is on being the host then they don’t deserve the fake courtesies either. You can’t make everyone happy so just focus on the ones who need you the most!

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