IFG Girls at Aurat March

It was a sight of liberation when thousands of women came together and formed an alliance on 8th March across different cities in the country. We too made a point to attend #AuratMarch this year and took our hardworking factory girls with us!


From chanting slogans to demanding rights aurat march had it all in terms of uplifting women or at least that’s what our girls felt.

To be heard and understood is something everyone wants especially in a society that shuts women down. Where their opinions are not counted or asked, where they are not a priority unless need be. That’s the story of most of the women workers where their career springs from the dire need to feed their families and support their children.

One of our worker reported how the march made her feel safe in a public place and gave her a hope for a better future where they won’t be harassed on the streets, cat-called or stalked.

For them it was highly empowering to see other women who worked late hours share their stories to be able to relate to people who challenge the system fight the stigma the society has put on them.

Attending aurat march not only helped them understand their rights but also feel strongly and stand up for other women. Understanding their right to public spaces and marching to reclaim them.

More Power to Women who Lift Each Other up!

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