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IFG Girls at Aurat March

It was a sight of liberation when thousands of women came together and formed an alliance on 8th March across different cities in the country. We too made a point to attend #AuratMarch this year and took our hardworking factory girls with us!   From chanting slogans to demanding rights aurat march had it all in terms of uplifting women or at least that’s what our girls felt. To .

Working Towards The Balance

With March around the corner we can’t just wait to dive into celebrations and start celebrating each other because girls this is our month this is our time. This year we won’t just celebrate the strong women who pushed the barriers and challenged the system for us and made it all easier for us today but we will celebrate each and every struggle to push the barriers of the .

Love Is In The Air

The month of love is upon us and there is no hiding or running away from it! The time of the year when all the couples make all the singles feel lonely and cringe over their cheesiness. When all the guys over do the pickup lines or come up with the most unfortunate ones. If you are feeling extremely single this valentines we have something for you to overcome .

10 Minor Changes We Need To Make This Year To Be a Better Versions Of Ourselves

We have to admit that our lives have become extremely fast paced and sometimes in between things we feel the need to slow down and be less stressed about life. It’s time we start living healthy and it’s not just about eating right but also incorporating a few things in your daily routine that will help your mental health, keep you grounded and keep you away from the sudden .

Things that only happen at a Desi Wedding

Is anything more dramatic and interesting than a desi wedding? Sure white weddings have their own share of dramas but desi weddings are their own version of Ikta Kapoor’s dramas; each with its own twists but basically the same plot.  With the wedding season in full swing and everyone attending at least one wedding this season we have pointed out a few things that everyone can relate to during .

Going Wedding Lingerie Shopping

Wedding season is on its roll and it’s all about shopping and getting everything right for your big day. From the dresses to jewelry, from shoes to makeup and mehendi, even to your lingerie everything needs to be perfect so you can have the day you have always dreamt of.   Going lingerie shopping can be a hassle especially when your mom insists on tagging along. Normally one can survive .

Bra Relationship Guide

The commitment towards bras is deeper than any relationship you will find in your life and has all the ideal qualities you would look for in a companion. . It is for this reason that we at IFG have created a bra guide to help you through the ups and downs of your relationship. You don’t need any love guru girl you have your bra and listen to the .

15 Things That Pakistan Needs To Finally Stop Considering Taboo In 2017

No one in the past could’ve imagined all the opportunities we have now and the avenues that have been opened up because of the digital age. As the internet becomes more and more ingrained in the Pakistani society, we see lots of changes happening simultaneously. And it’s finally time to step into the future and shun some of the age-old taboos and traditions. This month, Pakistan’s very first undergarments ad aired .

IFG Unveils a Brilliant TVC With Sohai Ali Abro

International Foundation & Garments (IFG) the leading manufacturer of women’s undergarments in Pakistan unveil a brilliant tv commercial endorsed by Sohai Ali Abro. The brand does a hatss off job by communicating the message in such a manner that it cleanly conveys the message. However, it is difficult in Pakistan to promote some products openly but with this Ad IFG goes next level by executing the campaign with a .


There aren’t many actresses in the country that are willing to be the face of a lingerie brand AND experiment with their look beyond the two Pakistani women stereotypes – the shareef girl-next-door or sexy vixen. This is why we love Sohai Ali Abro. In her latest on-screen appearance, Abro has managed to steal the hearts of girls across the country with her bad ass, boss-woman look. International Foundation Garments (IFG), .
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