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New Year….New Me?

More than half a month has passed by and we can safely evaluate now if we are able to keep up with our resolutions or not. Here are a few tips to keep you focused on your resolutions. Plan a Time Frame You will be able to manage your resolutions better if you keep a certain time frame. Like every goal set a time frame for your resolutions so .

Lingerie Resolutions For The New Decade

New Year is on the roll so many of us must have made some new promises to ourselves, vowed to keep and follow our resolutions knowing fully well that half of them will go unattended. Let’s make some more resolutions but fun ones that are easy to follow and remember. Let’s make a few lingerie resolutions! Try New Things I know we love our comfortable go to bras and .

Planning Ahead For The New Decade

  2019 passed by so fast it seemed like just yesterday when we were in a rush of the new year, planning our year, setting our resolutions and getting in the spin of the year. With 2019 coming to an end we need to realize it’s not just one year that’s ending it’s the end of an entire decade! There are so many habits that we need to let .

Types of Desi Brides

  The Major Control Freak We all have come across at least one from this type. The brides who want everything to go their way and want to do everything on their own from the dresses to the jewelry, to makeup up to the event planning and organizing. They want everything to go their way. The Overly Sensitive One The overly sensitive type of brides who easily get emotional .

How To Make the Wedding Even More Memorable For The Bride

Weddings are super exhausting and I believe we underestimate the level of stress a bride goes through.  Wrapped up around the wedding season again someone close to you must be getting married let it be your best friend or your sister or a cousin. If that’s the case then here are a few things that you can do to make her wedding even more special: Skip the drama This .

Looking Back At The Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Let’s look back at how our month of October went by; October being the month for ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ globally we too took a direct dive into it. IFG works the whole year round for the cause of breast cancer and has been doing so since the year 2000. With the help of the experts and Dr. Rufina Soomro we have developed a mastectomy bra and light weight Prosthesis .

Breast Cancer and PTSD

Around 80% of the women go through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after their treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer. Commonly PTSD occurs within three months of a life threatening event, in certain cases it may appear after several years. The journey of a breast cancer victim is extremely painful and challenging not just physically but mentally too.  It was believed that there is no evidence of patients facing .

The Struggles and Aftermath of Breast Cancer – Survivor Stories

With every 1 in 12 women being affected by breast cancer in Pakistan it has become one of the most common diseases here. We all have witnessed at least one person going through it be it a relative, a family member a friend or someone we know. With tons of information available online we can learn about breast cancer and be better prepared to help others or to guide .

All You Need To Know About Breast Cancer

Every 1 in 12 women is prone to breast cancer in Pakistan these statistics are even more alarming than that of India. Breast cancer being one of the most common diseases in Pakistan it is important to be aware of it and take strict precautions in order to avoid and combat it at earliest possible time. Before jumping to any strict routine it you should know what breast cancer .

Breast Hygiene Tips

Global Climate change is real and we all are being affected by it not to mention the unbearable waves of heat we are struck with every other week that has made our lives miserable. To top it off what we as women hate the most is wearing bras in this heat no matter how hard we try we can’t go a day without wearing it. It is important to .
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