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Breast Hygiene Tips

Global Climate change is real and we all are being affected by it not to mention the unbearable waves of heat we are struck with every other week that has made our lives miserable. To top it off what we as women hate the most is wearing bras in this heat no matter how hard we try we can’t go a day without wearing it. It is important to .

5 Ways our Breasts Change During the Month

Believe it or not our breasts are constantly changing and this change is so frequent many feel a difference on a daily basis. Around 90% of the women say they notice a change in their body along the cycle, however every woman’s experience is different the other. Some feel that their bodies swell while some feel that their bodies shrink. Whatever the change is it is certainly unpleasant and .

My Journey With IFG

Dear ifg, I remember my mother getting me my first bra ever since my body started developing being given a bra was a sign of growing up and becoming a woman. I remember the feeling the first put on a bra that new unfamiliar feeling that was hard to accept which sounds so strange now because it’s not about accepting that it’s about embracing that change and with that .

Ever Since the First Time

    Dear IFG, I am a 24 year old girl from Karachi and I have been your customer ever since I was twelve. I come from a family of women who swear by your brand and would never let their girls stray. Following the legacy my mother also dragged me straight to Intimate Fashions Bahadurabad. I can positively say that that was one of the most interesting experiences .

Embrace the Change

As we age our body goes through various changes. It is important to take care of our body and keep our health in check. Compared to other parts of the body our breasts are most frequent to change. Here are a few common changes your breasts go through with time. Swelling: By the time we enter our 20’s our breasts are fully developed and that’s the most that they .

5 Ways Your Bra Is Making You Sick

As we have said before research suggests that 80% of the women around the world are wearing a wrong bra size. As it is one of the most common problems that almost every woman faces it’s important to get your size checked each time before buying a new bra. Sagging of Breasts Wear a wrong bra size can make your breasts saggy. If your bra band is too loose .

Combat the Heat in these Bras

The deeper we dive into summer the hotter its getting. With the temperature rising everyday its important to take care of ourselves. As important it is to keep yourself hydrated it’s also important to wear light breathable clothes to keep your body cool that means we need to wear light undergarments to keep our bodies cool in this heat. Here are our favorite cotton bras that will keep you .

Our Lingerie Guide for Eid

We all know the little bits of last minute lingerie hassles everyone goes through before ever big dinner or a grand party. Eid is no less when everyone just wants to look their best; with the well thought out outfit from clothes to matching shoes and jewelry even the makeup to go with it why not be a little more particular with your lingerie too? While you slay your .

Bra Expiration Date

Like many things your bra also has an expiration date and it’s advised you throw that bra out as soon as it hits that date! Many women wear bras that are too old and have no idea that they need to throw them out. There is no definite answer to how long bras really last? There are quite a few factors that cause bras to wear out. It may .

The Most Common Bra Band Problems

How annoying is it when your bra band causes trouble, whether it’s not supportive, or it’s loose or too tight or rides up making it super uncomfortable. Band riding up: Believe it or not this is one of the most common band problems that women face. First reason could be you have adjusted your straps to tightly and its making your band ride up. Your bust should be supported .
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