Lingerie Resolutions For The New Decade

New Year is on the roll so many of us must have made some new promises to ourselves, vowed to keep and follow our resolutions knowing fully well that half of them will go unattended. Let’s make some more resolutions but fun ones that are easy to follow and remember. Let’s make a few lingerie resolutions!

  1. Try New Things

I know we love our comfortable go to bras and it’s really difficult to pick and choose something over them but not this decade! Let’s try something new and go for it pick a lingerie style that you have never tried before and give it a shot you might love how it looks and feels on you!

  1. Embrace Your True Self!

We all are beautiful and perfect in our own ways. There’s no shame in accepting your true size, do you know around 80% of women wear the wrong size their whole life? Imagine almost everyone around us is wearing a wrong size how painful and uncomfortable it is. Let’s vow this year to try to wear the right size, get fittings done, our sizes checked every three months and try the bras on before buying them even if it takes a million bras to find the one perfect fit we shall do that!

  1. Throw Out Old Lingerie

It’s the beginning of a new decade and out old worn out lingerie doesn’t belong in the dawn of this decade. Let’s leave them behind and buy new lingerie. What a great way to have a fresh start!

  1. Wear a Sports Bra to Gym

Often feel like you get tired at the start of the workout? Or can’t exercise properly because the chest hurts? Wear a proper sports bra to gym or for exercising. Do you know there are different sports bras for different activities? You cannot use your yoga bras are light and comfortable they do not provide the same support for intense activities that require a lot of jumping and running. Get a proper sports bra so that you stick to your workout without getting tired early.

  1. Mix and Match!

Lastly let’s mix and match our bras to our panties. Don’t you feel that your life is sorted if your undergarments match? let’s do more of it this year so that life seems like a less of a crises!

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