My Journey With IFG

Dear ifg,

I remember my mother getting me my first bra ever since my body started developing being given a bra was a sign of growing up and becoming a woman. I remember the feeling the first put on a bra that new unfamiliar feeling that was hard to accept which sounds so strange now because it’s not about accepting that it’s about embracing that change and with that change I embraced you.

You have stuck by me all this time, from the first bra to the one I am wearing right now, through the phases that I have been through, the sporty school phase to rebellious college phase, through the all the changes my body went through all this time I have always relied on you.

I am a mother of two now and today I took my daughter to your store to get her first training bra and it made me reflect on my journey with you. It’s funny how far we have come together, you as a brand and me as your loyal customer, I know my story is not an exception and it’s the same as every woman I have known and how we all share the same story with you.

I write to you to thank you for always putting us first and providing us with the best of experiences that not only I am able to pass onto my daughters but all the women across Pakistan are. Thank you for always understanding our needs and delivering them.

Thank you,

One of Your True Companions  


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