Our Lingerie Guide for Eid

We all know the little bits of last minute lingerie hassles everyone goes through before ever big dinner or a grand party. Eid is no less when everyone just wants to look their best; with the well thought out outfit from clothes to matching shoes and jewelry even the makeup to go with it why not be a little more particular with your lingerie too? While you slay your Eid outfit we want you to slay what you wear underneath. Here are our top lingerie picks for you this Eid.

  1. Oriental Look

Going all black for the Eid dinner? Rock your all black look with this bra. It will go perfectly with your black outfit. Pair it with some glam heels and nude makeup and you will be in the spotlight!

  1. Karisma N

Visit your glam side with  Karisma N. This flashy bra is perfect for the fancy dinners and is your ticket to a glam look.

  1. X-Over

The X-over bra is a perfect blend of lace and cotton that is not only fancy but also comfortable which is perfect for your Eid dinners.

  1. Trend 46


This lightly padded bra is another great pick for day time. Wearing a skin color bra underneath light color clothes or white tops is a great way to avoid the bra from reflecting under the clothes. this is one of the most common mistakes that we do we wear a white bra underneath a white top or any pastel tops, white bras reflect the light making them more obvious. The best way to avoid this is to wear a skin color bra!

  1. Classic

Our Classic bra in Light Purple is perfect for day time. If you are looking for  a comfortable bra to wear to one of the Eid lunches then look no more.

Which one of these will you be rocking this Eid? We hope you have a fun and wonderful Eid. Eid Mubarak!

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