Planning Ahead For The New Decade


2019 passed by so fast it seemed like just yesterday when we were in a rush of the new year, planning our year, setting our resolutions and getting in the spin of the year. With 2019 coming to an end we need to realize it’s not just one year that’s ending it’s the end of an entire decade! There are so many habits that we need to let go of so many goals to achieve so this year we should start ahead and plan before we enter a new decade.

Make a list of things that worked out for you this year

Making the list of your accomplishments will give you a great confidence boost and encouragement to plan better for the next decade. List down all the things you accomplished even if they seem minor now.

List down the things that did not work out for you

Now point out everything that didn’t work out this year so you can navigate other options or strategies to accomplish them or maybe to avoid them and move past them.

Make a ten year plan

Like I said before it’s the beginning of a new decade so it’s fair to set a ten year goal. Set your goal even if it seems far-fetched it’s okay its ten years away anyway, set ten small annuals goals that will contribute to your ten year goal.

Set realistic and reachable goals

The key to stay motivated is to set doable goals. If you set your goals too high then half way through you will realize that you won’t be able to make that happen on time or simply realize that they are not possible this works more negatively than one can imagine. Experts suggest you set two or three simple tasks at the top of your list which are easy to manage and achieve this helps motivate more when you achieve them you are more eager to push forward than to pull back and give up.

Last but not the least leave a room for failure

You are not the same person you were ten years ago and you are growing every year. Learning from your failures will only help you become a better version of yourself. Accept failure and move forward, learn and grow yourself.


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