Road to Self Love

Just a few days away from valentines I just wanted to leave some simple advices for my girl gang out there. We all are searching for love in one way or the other some find love in a person, some find love in a hobby, a child or a pet. Whatever your idea of love is I just want you to reflect on love differently this Valentine’s. Make valentines all about yourself whether you are dating, married or single. There’s nothing much better and purer than self-love. Show yourself some love and care that’s long overdue by doing these


Plan a Trip for Yourself:
Planning a short vacay for yourself can be extremely rewarding. A self-care trip can make a huge difference in your life. Sometimes we are so consumed and occupied with our work that we forget the things we need the most in life that being taking care of ourselves. A short trip over the weekend can help you disconnect from the regular life and reconnect with yourself.

Indulge in a New Hobby:
Sometimes when we feel like our energy is draining out our creativity we need to look for a new hobby to refresh our brain and keep our creativity alive.

Don’t Let People Walk All Over You:
Being nice to people is one thing but letting yourself be walked over all the time is not okay. Set boundaries for people who have a habit of using people. Your job is not to be a people’s pleaser and you need to understand that we cannot make everyone happy in our life.

Learn to Forgive:
Forgiveness helps us move past bad moments and time and sometimes forgiving helps us to move on from the worse of memories and instances. Learn to forgive others to be a better and bigger person but we need to also learn to forgive ourselves more often than we normally do.

Keep the negativity at bay:
Its only human to be more drawn towards negativity but in order to take care of ourselves we need to take care of our mind. We will only be able to love others if we love our self and take care of our self. Push negative thoughts off from your mind and replace them with something positive.

Embrace your imperfections:
Lastly learn to love all the imperfections because our flaws make us who we are. Embracing our flaws will help us be better versions of our self. Our imperfections distinct us from one another and that’s what’s the most beautiful thing about humans we are set to be different.

Love yourself endlessly and be kind to everyone around you!

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