There aren’t many actresses in the country that are willing to be the face of a lingerie brand AND experiment with their look beyond the two Pakistani women stereotypes – the shareef girl-next-door or sexy vixen. This is why we love Sohai Ali Abro. In her latest on-screen appearance, Abro has managed to steal the hearts of girls across the country with her bad ass, boss-woman look.

International Foundation Garments (IFG), Pakistan’s only local undergarments manufacturer, approached a number of celebrities before reaching out to Abro. It turns out she was the best fit all along!

“The woman we were looking for embodied the true-spirit of the IFG client. She is every woman,” says Marketing Manager IFG, Mahwash Bhimjee, “confident and independent, yet appreciative of family values and her culture. Sohai is that person in real life! She effortlessly portrays the IFG woman who is hip and confident yet true to her desi roots.”

IFG’s marketing team wanted to reach out to a diverse young audience and that’s exactly what they’ve done through this TVC!

As soon as Anila Murtaza – the stylist – uploaded snippets from the TVC on her Instagram, she was in for a pleasant surprise.

“Her hairstyle was a hit,” says stylist Anila Murtaza, addressing Abro’s asymmetric LOB and her overall look in the TVC. “I’ve been getting comments about how glamorous it looks non-stop.”

Our desi office look mostly contains of a kurta and white cigarette pants, how did the millennial pink pants make the cut?

“We had to make Sohai look confident and comfortable because that’s how people would be able to relate with her,” Murtaza adds. “But we also wanted to innovate, so in came the pink pants for the office look. People are loving it so far!”



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