The Most Common Bra Strap Problems

We all have different body types and different sizes but at some point we all have same bra related problems. One of the major reasons for all bra related problems is wearing the wrong size. Our bodies are always changing and so does our bra size and its advised to get your size checked before each purchase.

Digging bra straps:

Your bra straps should never dig into your shoulders. This is not only uncomfortable but wearing a bra with digging straps can cause serious shoulder and back pain.

The band of the bra is supposed to hold up your breasts not your straps. If the band doesn’t support the breasts anymore and you have to tighten the straps then it’s time to let go of that bra.

Falling bra straps:

If your straps always fall off then you are not alone. This is another very common bra problem. Sometimes you can’t keep the straps at the same length and that’s okay because we all have one breast larger than the other.

If the straps keep falling even at the right length then your bra is probably too old and it’s time to get rid of it.

Your bra stretches out as much as you wear it making the straps and the band loose. The best way to keep the bra for long is to use it with care and hand wash it. Never wash your bra in the machine the elastic stretches out and the bra loses its shape and fit. Don’t wear the same bra two days in a row the elastic stretches out faster when the bra is worn without any breaks. Keep these simple tips in mind to keep your bra running for long and always get your size checked before getting a new one


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