The Perfect Fit Of The Bra Straps

The perfect bra straps won’t dig in or fall down and sit parallel on the back.

If your bra straps are constantly falling down or digging into your skin or twisting on your back then you either need to adjust your straps so they fit properly or you are wearing the wrong bra for your body type.

Here are some tips to help you in your search for the perfect bra:

Are your bra straps constantly slipping down?

If your bra straps keep slipping down your shoulders and onto your arms then you should try tightening your bra straps if you haven’t already. Since straps stretch out over time try and tighten your straps every month.

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Once you have tried this but still feel your straps are slipping have a look at the kind of bra you are wearing to see if the straps work for your body type. Most of our T-Shirt bras have narrow set straps which keep them in place all day. For those of you with heavier breasts you might prefer our minimizer bras which have wider straps for added support. In fact, many of them also have extra padding on the straps to prevent shoulder pain. If bra straps are just something you don’t want to deal with you can try wearing a sports bra where the racer back straps are sure to provide you with lots of support on your back.

Are your bra straps digging into your skin?

Although you might think it is your bra straps which support your breasts, that is not the case: it is actually the band which provides all the support to the cups. If your band is loose or has stretched out over time it might cause the straps to dig into your skin.  The solution to this is either to replace your bra or to go one band size down. However, do keep in mind that if you go one band size down you need to go one cup size up. So, if you are a 34C and go one band size down then you will wear a 32D. Check out our bra size calculator to determine your correct bra size.

Along with strap issues here are few more common bra fit problems many of us come across:

The band rises up your back

If your band is rising up your back then it is most likely big for you. Like we mentioned above try going one band size down.

Your wire is sitting on your breast

If your wire is sitting on your breast instead of under it that means you are wearing the wrong size. In order to fix this, you can go one band size down.

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Your breasts are overflowing from your bra

Spillage from over your bra is usually caused when your bra is too small for your breasts. In this case try a full coverage bra or wear a bra that is one cup size bigger. Here are some really great full coverage bras for bustier women.

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Are your bra straps falling? Find out why!

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