Things that only happen at a Desi Wedding

Is anything more dramatic and interesting than a desi wedding? Sure white weddings have their own share of dramas but desi weddings are their own version of Ikta Kapoor’s dramas; each with its own twists but basically the same plot.

 With the wedding season in full swing and everyone attending at least one wedding this season we have pointed out a few things that everyone can relate to during this madness.

The ultimate family drama

No matter how close knitted the family is there is always one person who stirs the drama at the most ridiculous time. With the bride being busy with her preparations and the family being concerned with everything going smoothly one person pops up who feels extremely neglected and thinks is not important leaving the bride super confused because she thought it was all about her.

The baraat is usually late

Something very common with us desis is that we can never be on time, no matter how hard the baraatis try to be on time somehow they always end up being late.

 Be it the last minute dress hazard “Darzi ne dupatta nai diya tha” or the parlor appointments “Parlor wali ne deir kr di hm tu time pe puhanch gaye they” you will get to hear these excuses at almost every desi wedding.

You invite 400+ guests out of which 70% you don’t even know

Desi weddings are such a drag especially when it comes to inviting people. Your parents make you invite people you have never met in your life because “Log kia kahengay”

The bride and the groom have plastered smiles across their faces

With photographers and endless parade of guests and relatives the bride and groom have to smile constantly and sit on the same spot for hours. Talk about sore muscles.

The rishta aunties are on a hunt

While everything is happening there is something cynical going on in the background with rishta aunties on the hunt, sneaking up on the single girls, creepily locating their mothers and asking for their pictures.

More than half of the people are only there for the food

To be honest when you invite people as a formality and to avoid that “Log kia kahenge” statement most of the people who will show up will not care about the wedding at all they will only show up for the food.

The over excited brides maids are more dressed than the bride


We often forget whose wedding it is when it comes to dressing up and go all in on the makeup, jewelry, and dress and when it’s the sisters, friends and cousins of the bride, who can be more excited than them?

Everyone has the best opinion on how the bride should behave

During the whole event everyone comes up to the bride to tell her how much shes smiling or how less shes smiling, that she needs to fix her posture, she needs to greet people more cheerfully or less cheerfully. Basically no one is ever satisfied with how she is behaving if shes too comfortable then its like “Haye isko tu kuch sharam hi nai hai”

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