Types of Desi Brides


  1. The Major Control Freak

We all have come across at least one from this type. The brides who want everything to go their way and want to do everything on their own from the dresses to the jewelry, to makeup up to the event planning and organizing. They want everything to go their way.

  1. The Overly Sensitive One

The overly sensitive type of brides who easily get emotional over the littlest of things.

  1. The Minimalist

This is the kind who wants a very low key event. The kind of bride who wants to invite just close friends and family and have a very simple wedding.

  1. Pro Planner

This is the one who takes up on every challenge and plans the perfect wedding from being extremely organized to manage the elaborate desi wedding planning.

  1. The One Who is in a Constant Denial

The type who is against the concept of marriage and is in constant denial of her wedding.

  1. Bridezilla

The one who yells and shouts to get the work done. Can we blame them? I guess not the pressure of wedding is justified if you ask me.

  1. The Care Free One

The one who is so casual about everything that she is least fussy and super chill about everything that’s happening.

  1. The Ever Ready One

The one who has been dreaming of getting married since childhood and cannot wait for it to finally happen

  1. The Super Fun One

The one who makes everything super fun for everyone. Isn’t bothered about the tiny details just want to make happy memories!

  1. The Me Parade one

The one who wants to remind everyone that its her wedding, everything should be about her and gets super mad at people who try to make it about anything else.

  1. The Bollywood Queen

The one who has some unrealistic standards of a Bollywood wedding and wants to keep everything super dramatic.

  1. Brand Conscious One

The one who wants everything branded from her clutch to heels to her dress even her makeup! Wouldn’t compromise on anything less than a known label.

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