What is a Minimizer Bra and How Does It Work?

Confused about what a Minimizer bra is? Don’t worry there are too many women who aren’t familiar with the concept of Minimizers. As the word may suggest, a minimizer is the one that reduces your bust size optically by one cup size. Do you want your breast to look smaller? Do you want a more proportional figure? Do you have big bust and want extra support and shape? Are you tired of the bust bouncing? Do the bulges keep your away from wearing your favorite necklines? If this is you then you are looking for a Triumph Minimizer.

Minimizers are designed and engineered in a way where they evenly distribute breast tissue to create the impression of a smaller bust size. These bras are also called contour and corrective bras because of the balancing effects they have on your bust. Even though these bras are mostly popular with women with big busts, but they can also be worn by women with comparatively smaller bust for all the other benefits this style offers. At Triumph we have a wide range of styles, in wired as well as non-wired styles, lace, plain and printed moulded cups.

Benefits of a Minimizer

  • Ensure extra support for women with big breasts
  • Visibly reduces your bust size
  • The high cut, moulded cups and the broad seamless straps ensure a perfect fit
  • The delicately formed and comfortable under wire ensure a great shape while visibly reducing your bust size without pinching
  • The non- stretch fabric prevents sagging, provides support and smoothen side and back bulges

When buying a Minimizer bra, you have to ensure you are buying the correct size. This may sometimes be slightly different than your regular bra size. It is very important for the under band and the straps to sit smoothly on your rib cage and your shoulders. They should not fall off or dig into your skin. It should be fairly tight but also comfortable. Similarly, the cups should fit snugly against your skin with no gaps but at the same time they should not be uncomfortably tight or compressing your bust as that could be harmful for your breast tissue in the long run.


The most famous minimizer from Triumph is Doreen which is also the world’s best-selling bra. Doreen is the ideal solution for problematic figures and work as a corrective bra. Fashioned from lace and lycra, Doreen provides the ultimate lift, support and comfort for heavy figures. It is available for up to H cups.

Minimizer 112 N and W

This lightweight lacy wired and non-wired Minimizer with wide detachable shoulder straps, offers the highest level of comfort and support. Its smooth seamless cups with gorgeous butterfly lace are partially lined and provide full coverage.

Minimizer 137 N

If you are looking for something in cotton for daily wear then this is the one for you. A comfortable minimizer in soft fabric with lace detailing. Full cups and a high center for added support and comfort.

Minimizer bras help you transform your breasts into the smooth natural bust you have always dreamed of. Delicately sculpted, perfect support and visibly smaller cup size. What more can you ask for? Check out our amazing range of Minimizers here which combines function with beautiful designs in a variety of patterns, designs, and colors.

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