Working Towards The Balance

With March around the corner we can’t just wait to dive into celebrations and start celebrating each other because girls this is our month this is our time. This year we won’t just celebrate the strong women who pushed the barriers and challenged the system for us and made it all easier for us today but we will celebrate each and every struggle to push the barriers of the society for us and there are these 5 things that we will try to work towards this year.

  • Not Settle For Anything Less

Women are often asked to settle down and mostly forced to settle for something less than they deserve. Not anymore! Its 2019 and we know our worth and what we are capable of.

  • Not Devalue Your Interests

Whenever a woman talks of her interests she mostly gets to hear some sort of criticism about it. When women are taken for granted their interests are devalued too.  Let’s work on our interests this year and go forward with them because your interests matter as much as anyone else!

  • Not Give up On Your Dreams

We know how common it is to expect from a woman to give up on her dreams because her family wouldn’t approve of it or her in laws are not okay with it.  We are set to pursue our goals and dreams this year and we are not backing down.

  • Share Your Views

We will not shy away from sharing our views, women are often told to keep quiet on matters and that they are not aware of the world. Now we will not be shushed down, we will make sure that we are heard.

  • Lift Women Up

Last but not the least we need to lift women around us, encourage them, empower them and let them shine because we can achieve everything if we are together!

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